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Wolfgang Henschel
Wolfgang Henschel was born in Duisburg in 1954. Since 1978 the artist has come to the public`s attention in numerous exhibitions. Him being a typical autodidact he is no postmodern artist. He is consistently following his way from representationalism to abstraction, from the figure to the line.

Henschel, who started with the styles of realism and surrealism but subsequently has turned his attention to the analysis of forms and geometric aspects from the nineties on, combines expressionism and constructivism. His paintings vary from the realistic, doyenal colouring to the abstract, violent composition of colours.

The wit and variety of his work show the fact that Henschel is constantly tackling painting and himself all over again.

Furthermore the painter has been working for several years as a director in various adult education courses dealing with different painting techniques such as watercolour, acryl and airbrush.

In his paintings the artist prefers watercolour and acryl which he applies in layers with a brush or airbrush on canvas or wooden plates. At times he even combines both techniques.